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Review - The 100 : Pilot Episode

Surprisingly many networks are coming out with new shows this late in the season like CW with its futuristic young-adult filled offer, "The 100". Now CW is a channel my remote is certainly not familiar with since I normally associate it with the words "young", "beautiful" and most importantly, "dumb". What I can't deny is that while overall I was unimpressed by this latest CW offering, I still had a good time watching the pilot. Read my reasons below.

How to remove Homegroup Icon from Desktop

If you're reading this, then like me you've discovered a new, unwanted guest sitting on your Desktop - the "HOMEGROUP" icon (above). You don't know what it is, you just know you don't want it there. It wasn't easy, but here's how I finally got rid of it ...

Review - The Good Wife - Parallel Construction, B***s

Just finished watching the latest episode of 'The Good Wife', and all I have to say is - wow! It was good, I mean really really good, like season 1 good.

Photography Not Allowed

Yesterday, I joined the ranks of all those people who've been harassed by paranoid store owners for taking innocent photographs.

There was an interesting (but by not means unique) piece of machinery spitting out tortillas in a store. I had bought tortillas there many times before and had casually mentioned it to some out of country family members who had never seen or heard of such a thing and were bewildered by my oral explanation. To help them understand, I took a couple of snaps from my smartphone. Only the machinery was in the photos, no people at all. The photos were for explanation purposes after which I intended to delete them. The images came out dark and somewhat blurry as they were in a dark part in the back of the store and I was taking the shots from a distance.

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