Wall Denting Books

by - 11/17/2005

If you're an avid reader then at many times in your life (inconveniently almost always when you most need a pick-me-up book) than you come across that dreaded phenomenon - a wall-denting book. One you wish you'd never set eyes on, let alone polluted your hands by holding it. One which makes you howl at the precious time wasted on reading that garbage. And one that almost always inspires in your usually non-violent self an urge to throw the offending book HARD against a wall.

It's not the wall's fault, it's not the book's fault, sometimes it's not even the author's fault. The fault primary lies within you yourself - that weak part of you that made you pick up the offending genre/plot book that's so bored you to tears that you swore never to even glance at again. (Replace all you's with mes and Is).

And yet I persist. I'm not speaking of a genre in particular, as I've come across WD's in all of them, and yes, I'm an omnivore reader and so I know what I'm talking about, you skeptic, you!
I pick it hoping against hope that this time it'll be different. But alas, it rarely is ever so.

You may wonder why I'm writing on this topic. That's because of an interesting question/contest posted at the WEWRITEROMANCE.COM forums about what storylines you as a reader are tired of reading. My 2 contributions are under the member name "iluvbooks".

Wonder what other readers out there *hate* in their fav authors/books/genres?

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