Michelle Rowen's "Bitten and Smitten"

by - 12/04/2005

As the name of my blog suggests, I'm a bookworm of the first order. I like nothing better than to read. Or so I thought. What I've found is that I like discovering fantastic new authors even more! And never have I felt this way more than after reading an ARC of Canadian author Michelle Rowen's "Bitten and Smitten", set to release in January of 2006 by Warner publishing under their romantic line 'Forever'.

As any ardent lover of books can tell, Paranormal Romance is the in thing this year, a fact that has surprisingly been reflected in the new line of Fall television shows....there's a virtual plethora of them! Everybody's jumped onto this bandwagon, but it all began with books...or so I like to think.

Anyway, getting back on topic. Paranormal Romance is the rage, more particularly, vampire romances. So far reviled by Hollywood as evil, blood-sucking creatures, these oft-maligned creatures have found a new source of life (pun intended) in these books. Vamps have had a new reincarnation as hero/heroines of romance novels. No longer is draining a human of that vital fluid an anathema - rather it's an aphrodisiac that gives intense passion to the one being sucked, or so the authors like to portray. But that stigma of Vampires being evil and outright villains has yet to be challenged.

And here steps in Michelle Rowen or rather her heroine Sarah Dearly. Bitten on a blind date, she has vampire hunters on her trail before even realizes she's become the stuff of nightmares. Only Sarah isn't the slightest bit scary or ugly, thinks blood-sucking is gross, wants nothing more than to go on vacation to Mexico and spend all her money on shoes like any other normal young woman, and her only weapon is her unbridled sarcastic tongue. See, no evil there at all. She wants nothing more than to be left alone to lead her usual humdrum life.

Now, if only the zealous, drooling-at-the-thought-of-staking-their-kill vampire hunters realized that.

To further complicate things, suddenly Sarah's hitherto boyfriend-free life is overladen with the attentions of two very handsome and passionate men who're poles apart in their disposition. One lusts after her and wants to kill her, the other lusts after her and wants to kill himself. Now, tell me, if this isn't every girl's quintessential dilemma?! Oh, and I forgot to say, both are vampires.

What intrigued me is this very twist right out of the blue concept of Vampires being the ones that are being hunted and not the hunters. This pretty much makes "B&S" a must-read in my eyes. With a premise like this, aptly balancing laughter and kick-ass action scenes and even a romantic triangle in the making, "Bitten and Smitten" by Michelle Rowen is guaranteed to the the first smash-hit of 2006.

And now, I'm off B&N to place a hold on it myself.

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