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Darkyn Books

Author Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series of books (Signet Eclipse) is a new variation to the true and tried vampire novels, although its more in the vein of being a paranormal romance rather than true horror. Here Vampires are the ones being hunted by a rogue brotherhood of priests. Dr. Alexandra Keller and through her, her brother who is a lapsed priest, are inadvertently sucked into this 'to death' battle in the first book "If Angels Burn".

Now Alex is herself a vampire but not exactly one - the 'why' and 'how' constitutes one of the ongoing mysteries of this series. Together with her lover Michael Cyprien, a vampire leader, she fights off priests and tries to rescue crazed vampires on the run while struggling to find proof to validate her rather radical theory that vampirism is caused by a virus and thus can be cured. This constituted the second book, "Private Demon" wherein the main protagonists were a couple other than Michael and Alex.

And today I saw on her website the welcome news that the third book "Dark Need"will be out in June '06. Even before reading the synopsis, I was determined to get my hands on the book thanks solely to the hunk whose half a face constitutes the cover. The first two covers had guys who didn't really appeal to me, although the first had beautiful eyes. Their skin color was wonky, although seeing as they're vampire heroes it was befitting. But this one... This one had my heart thudding! I think it's a combination of the dark background and photo of the hunk who's skin is almost luminous. Take a look :

From the synopsis, it looks to feature a female cop, Samantha and a sexy nightclub owner, Lucan, another vampire. Now if memory serves me right, Lucan has played small but significant roles in the first two books and they've both been negative ones. Wonder how he redeems himself in this story. But seeing as another vampire stars in this book, it begs the question why the hot model who portrays him on the cover has glowing skin instead of a pasty complexion.

Looking forward to.... (Penguin books)

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
(March 2006 Putnam Adult)

To paraphrase, Alice the archeologist stumbles across a cave in the Pyrenees mountains that harbors two moldering skeletons, the pattern of a labyrinth etc. (so far so good, although it does beg the question, why an archeologist is climbing up mountains when she should by rights be digging.) Eight hundred years earlier, Alais is given a ring and a mysterious book for safekeeping by her father as he leaves to fight the crusaders. The book, he says, contains the secret of the true Grail, and the ring, inscribed with a labyrinth, will identify a guardian of the Grail. In the present, another woman sees the find as a means to the political power yada yada yada...

Comments : Ok, shades of "Da Vinci Code" and/or Indiana Jones anyone? This centuries-old mystery remains evergreen to this day as evidenced by the spate of movies, articles, books etc it's inspired over eras. And while Dan Brown marinates ideas about his next book and J.K.Rowling threatens to end the HP series, I'm forced to look for alternatives. And this book seems as good way as any to do it.

Daughter of the Bride by Francesca Segre
(March 2006 Berkley)
When her mom calls to say she’s getting married, Daniella is both thrilled and devastated. Mom, who’s pushing sixty, is about to walk down the aisle for the second time, and Daniella, at twenty-nine, hasn’t come close to saying "I do" once. Even worse, Mom insists Daniella help plan the big bash. Daniella struggles to make sense of her own frustrating love life—all while juggling her high-pressure TV job and hectic dating adventures.

Comments : I've seen 'Father of the Bride' 1 and 2 (totally funny the first one, second was so-so) and read 'Mother of the Bride' by Lynn Michaels (another good author but not so well-known, wonder why?). So why not read this and experience it from this POV as well.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
(Feb 2006 Penguin Classic)
From the famous episodes of the whitewashed fence and the ordeal in the cave to the trial of Injun Joe, it's redolent of life in the Mississippi River towns in which Twain spent his own youth. A mix of hilarious childish stories with adult undercurrents, this new edition includes a new text and, for the first time, explanatory notes.

Comments :
Who hasn't read this timeless story? Ok, now that was a rhetorical question, but if you really haven't, then go right now and buy it. It's well worth the effort.

The Old Wine Shades by Richard Jury
(Feb 2006 Viking Adult)

The latest in New York Times bestselling author Martha Grimes's Richard Jury mystery series begins when a stranger, Harry Johnson sits down next to Richard Jury as he’s drinking in a London pub called the Old Wine Shades and spins a complicated story about a good friend of his whose wife and son (and dog) disappeared one day as they were viewing property in Surrey. They’ve been missing for nine months—no trace, no clue, no lead as to what happened. Jury is skeptical, until his investigation reveals all seems to be just as Harry described it. What really happened that day? And just why did the dog alone come back?

Comments : I've become a recent fan of this series after I reviewed a couple of these stories. While I found the books fascinating while reading, I somehow seem to forget to put them on my TBB list each and every time. Wonder if that's because it's a mystery series along the lines of Agatha Christie only more placid (a cozy, I think that's what it's called) or because it's a British series or perhaps, to quote Denny Crane (Boston Legal), "it's mad cow disease!". In any case, I'm sure the loss is all mine. Hopefully I won't miss this one.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
(Feb 2006 Ace)
Mercy Thompson's life is not exactly normal. Her next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she's fixing a VW bus for a vampire. But then, Mercy isn't exactly normal herself.

Comments : Ok, now this little itty-bitty blurb (why, was Penguin Putnam running out of server space?! And that too with the novel set to release at the end of this week - tut, tut) was enough to arouse my curiosity and leave me dissatisfied at its paucity. So I went looking for more info and found it an entire chapter to preview here. It sounds fascinating and since I'm not yet sated with the growing paranormal offerings, this one is going straight on my TBB list. Wonder why there hasn't been much publicity about this book or at least, none that I've heard or read of anyway.

Huh, only 5?! Surely I missed some. I MUST have! Be back with more offerings soon.

Here's something to begin the New Year with. (oh, Happy New Year, yay!)

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

Mine was : "I nodded towards Quinn."

Curious to what book that line is from? Hmmm. to tell or let you google it. ;)

Found this at
Miss Snark's loverly blog. And curiosity made me run for the book beside my chaotic desk. But what book to choose since so many reside with bookmarks in them?

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