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by - 1/26/2006

Author Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series of books (Signet Eclipse) is a new variation to the true and tried vampire novels, although its more in the vein of being a paranormal romance rather than true horror. Here Vampires are the ones being hunted by a rogue brotherhood of priests. Dr. Alexandra Keller and through her, her brother who is a lapsed priest, are inadvertently sucked into this 'to death' battle in the first book "If Angels Burn".

Now Alex is herself a vampire but not exactly one - the 'why' and 'how' constitutes one of the ongoing mysteries of this series. Together with her lover Michael Cyprien, a vampire leader, she fights off priests and tries to rescue crazed vampires on the run while struggling to find proof to validate her rather radical theory that vampirism is caused by a virus and thus can be cured. This constituted the second book, "Private Demon" wherein the main protagonists were a couple other than Michael and Alex.

And today I saw on her website the welcome news that the third book "Dark Need"will be out in June '06. Even before reading the synopsis, I was determined to get my hands on the book thanks solely to the hunk whose half a face constitutes the cover. The first two covers had guys who didn't really appeal to me, although the first had beautiful eyes. Their skin color was wonky, although seeing as they're vampire heroes it was befitting. But this one... This one had my heart thudding! I think it's a combination of the dark background and photo of the hunk who's skin is almost luminous. Take a look :

From the synopsis, it looks to feature a female cop, Samantha and a sexy nightclub owner, Lucan, another vampire. Now if memory serves me right, Lucan has played small but significant roles in the first two books and they've both been negative ones. Wonder how he redeems himself in this story. But seeing as another vampire stars in this book, it begs the question why the hot model who portrays him on the cover has glowing skin instead of a pasty complexion.

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