Long Time, No Update

by - 2/23/2006

As one can see, I've been busy. No, not busy writing blog entries - nope, I'm notoriously lazy in this aspect. But rather with blog tweaking! It may be boasting (well, it is) but I tweaked and tweaked so much and so well that my blog template didn't resemble anything of the original. But just as I was satisfied with the end result than I came to realize my blog was being plagued by the mother of all code errors - aka, it looked different (vastly different) in different browsers, particularly in Internet Explorer.

I gave up IE about a year ago and switched to Mozilla's Firefox. I love FF, although it too has its quirks. But nothing as bad as IE. Because of my browser switchover, I had no idea that on IE my blog looked like crap - entries were haphazard, sidebar disappeared altogether, images were wonky etc. It looked perfect and worked perfect in Firefox, but not in IE. (Bill Gates, r u reading this? If not, somebody please let him know!) Since most people are still IE users, I decided to tweak my template some more to make it readworthy in both browsers.

So, for the two weeks I've been trying to do this and failing in either one or the other browser. Finally I had enough and today I decided to switch templates altogether. This one looked okay in both browsers. But then I had to import the changes I'd made, particularly to the sidebar. No way was I going to give up all those hours of research (aka plagiarism - can it be called that if the codes are being offered freely?) and painstaking tweaking and leave those adorable little gimmicky things behind. And that's what I've been doing all day today. Time well spent, eh?

I think it looks okay now. To readers it may not look like I did much, but believe me, I've sweated bullets over the coding of this blog, particularly since I'm no Html expert (I meant Ajax ... oops Ruby... or whatever!). I'm particularly proud of the flipping book covers in the sidebar, under the heading "Currently Reading", something I'd been attempting a long time and failing. Again, it may seem simple but trust me, it isn't. In my case, the flipping book covers are thanks to a nifty little Java Script I found here. My heartfelt thanks to the coders and all their hard work and even more importantly, for offering it freely!

On a sidenote - in the middle of all this hard work and other stuff going on in my life, I did manage to squeeze in reading some books and also managed to send in their reviews . More on that later. Right now, I'm off to a late, late, laaate lunch. More like, linner (lunch+dinner)! As my spouse is wont to say, until later - Ciao!

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