A New Author

by - 2/09/2006

Today I discovered a new author's website. More than her books, it was the eye-catching website that made quite an impression on me. The lady who is almost bubbling over her deep-cut gown, the rake in the background, a dagger pinning a wanted notice and the dark broody atmosphere hint heavily of love, lust and peril in a historical context. Whew, all this cloak and dagger stuff is still as hot as ever. And just about compels me to pick up her books - such is the power of websites!

New authors, take this not-so-subtle hint, Pleeaassee. There have been times I've skipped an author's upcoming book just because I couldn't find any information on the writer and/or their work, other than a brief blurb out on the www.

Here's a look at Jeane Westin's effective new
website :

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  1. Wow! That is a fabulous website. Gorgeous, definitely has the flavor of her genre, easy to navigate.

  2. Very nice... I'm impresed with the BookWorm...


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