Promises, Failures and More

by - 2/24/2006

I've mentioned on this blog before about the lack of a centralized book listing, both upcoming and already released. Being a voracious reader and reviewer, I feel this lack very keenly. Since there isn't one such place to my knowledge, I'm always scouring the web trying to find a good book and an even greater author. Here's one recent find that looks quite promising :

Touch the Dark
by Karen Chance, Roc, June

Super cover - all dark and mysterious, showing a woman with a pentagram on her back. At least I think it's a pentagram.
I should know, shouldn't I, being an ardent fan of WB's Charmed for more years than I care to remember. But alas, I don't. Could be because I stopped watching it.I couldn't say "draaaaging' fast enough. Same with Smallville.

Synopsis goes something like this :

Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits (A psychic seer - isn't that redundant?) - talents that make her attractive to the dead (wow, they must really be *die-hard* gossips) and the undead (now why would the undead immortals want to know the future? Doesn't it *suck* all the fun out? I'm just saying...). She can handle the spirits but the rest aren't quite as ignorable, particularly a bloodsucking Mafioso (as if they aren't scary enough alive, jeez-a-loo) who's after her with revenge on his expired brains. She has no resort but to request aid from a vampire Senate (do they have undead WMDs too?) with undead senators (and undead interns as well, I presume) who won't help her for nothing (incurable politicians). And then (wait for it...... here it comes.... the romance interest) Cassie finds herself working with one of their most powerful members, a dangerously seductive master vampire - and the price he demands may be more than Cassie is willing to pay. (Ooooh! that sound girly enough?)

Smart quips aside, it does sound interesting and far from run of the mill. If I read it, you'll know it.


Now, on to the disappointment part. As I've mentioned before, I'm an ardent Jeffrey Archer fan and have been for years. I was really looking forward to reading "False Impression", his first release in quite some years. I did read it and boy, was I disappointed. First time Archer readers will undoubtedly think I'm crazy. Perhaps I am .... or perhaps I've just been spoilt by the high-standard of writing Archer displayed in classic books such as "Kane and Abel", "Not a Penny More..." etc. His fountain of words seem to have dried up with his prison bout and this book is frankly not worth the 20+ dollars price. Don't get me wrong. The basic ingredients of a thriller are all there - the jet-setting plot, deadly assassins, obscene amounts of money, a beautiful do-gooder, a studly lawman and an utterly villainous villain. And yet, it lacks that certain something that made Archer's previous books shine like a full moon on a dark night. What that indefinable quality is I can't say, but I do know this book doesn't have it.


Now on to the 'More' Part. Of my book picks and Penguin Putnam picks, so far I've received the Jennifer Colt books and a couple of others for review. Smashing good reads, both the Colt books. Reviews coming up later.

I never got the Patricia Briggs book for review despite repeated requests to her publisher - very disappointing. I mean, first Penguin Putnam don't
even give this book a decent synopsis on their website and now they don't send out review copies. How do they expect lesser-known authors to hit the best-seller lists unless they themselves aren't willing to publicize a bit and tell readers about them in the first place? Don't they know, newbie authors are stars in the making?

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