Dark Need ARC Contest

by - 3/27/2006

Well, long time no blog again - bad, bad bookworm! But it's all for the good. I took some much needed time off for myself and will hopefully start posting regularly (nah! who am I kidding?!). Anyway, surfing the treacherous waters of the web today, I came across some interesting news.

As other bookworms probably already know, author Alison Kent's blog is always hopping with fun, activities, advice, discussions and best of all, Contests! She recently concluded a MIX-And-MATCH contest with all her published titles that looked like great fun. Just check the comments! Now this wonderfully generous author is running... Yet Another Mix-And-Match contest. This time though readers can submit one title out of all the listed titles of guest author Lynn Viehl's books.

The prize is (in Alison's own words) "...not only will five of you win a copy of DEEP BREATH, one of you will also win an ARC of DARK NEED, whoo-hoo!" The Darkyn series made for fabulous reading and I for one, am really looking forward to reading DN. Time to have fun!

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