Time Management

by - 3/08/2006

As I bemoaned in my previous entry, I don't have enough time these days. Perhaps it's because I write my appointments on paper scraps that develop legs as soon as I've written on them and run away and hide in dark corners. Naturally, I scramble at the last minute to find the details with nowhere to find them. A bulky organizer doesn't work for me. What then?

As if in answer to my prayers, I came upon this blog entry today. A Mama's Rant is having a contest on her blog and is giving away free copies of the book that will help me get back into the essential world of organization. It's called " The BusyBodyBook" (you can find out about it here: http://www.busybodybook.com/)

It sounds ideal. So go check it out and get yourself a copy!

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