Long Time No See

by - 4/20/2007

Sorry about not posting for so long. A new baby has that effect :-) Many of the readers of this blog will know how hectic, unpredictable and tired the life of a new parent can be and as such will excuse the stagnation of this blog. As you can imagine, my reading has practically ceased and all my waking hours are used up by my son. But now that he's started sleeping longer hours and shows signs of playing all on his own, a trend I devoutly hope will continue, I'll start getting back in the groove.

Right now I'm reading that much publicized novel, Monica Pradhan's "The Hindi Bindi Club".

The title snagged me and hopefully the story will keep me hooked. The book begins promisingly enough, although the profusion of bracketed comments/clarifications have already begun to get on my nerves. But this could just be my own lack of patience and general weariness with trivial annoyances these days. I'll read and see.

Here's wishing everyone a belated New Year and hope it brings lots of fantastic reads.

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