Contests Galore!!!

by - 5/19/2007

There are so many great contests out there and I'm only sorry I don't have time enough to list them all (even if I could find them all!). But here are some of them that I found courtesy of Home Mom.

The Life of a Jersey Girl Blog is giving away a copy of Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. Meg also wrote, "The Princess Diaries."

Camy's Loft is giving away another book. This time it's Fiesta Moon.

Callapidder Days is giving away another book as well, this time it's In the Company of Secrets by Judith Miller.

And last but certainly not least, Bob over at BobMeetsWorld is giving away a Nintendo DS Lite! Bob thought this would be a great way to celebrate his 30th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB! Isn't that sweet, him wanting to give us a prize on his special day? Oh, the best part, he's also giving away a few games to go with this. Woo hoo! I hope I'm lucky enough to get this, I'd have the hubby a NICE father's day gift. Okay, everyone go enter that contest. Don't forget to read some of his articles on how to generate traffic to your blog or how to get more RSS subscribers. And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday :D

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