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Cool Header or Amazon Gift Certificate?

Those are the choice of prizes you've got in the Kickoff contest that started only yesterday at Mama's Coffee Corner. Mama's got a really cool header made for her by Revka of RS Designs and she's giving readers who blog about this contest a chance to win a personalized header of their own. OR a 20$ Amazon Gift certificate. This second prize is the one that got this bookworm hooked onto this contest as my teetering TBB pile is threatening to topple over and crush me any second now!

And you get 2, repeat 2 chances to win.
Here are the details as Mama puts it :

It's really easy, you write a post about the contest, link to both RSDesign and Mama's Coffee Corner, sign Mr. Linky at the blog offering the prize you want to win. If you would like to win both prizes, sign up at both blogs.

We will be holding the contest for one week, beginning today. (May 17-24) Winners will be announced on May 25.

Why are u still here?
Go ahead, blog this and win a great prize yourself.

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