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Harry Potter Contest - Only a Month Left!

To celebrate the launch of the seventh and final Harry Potter book on July 21, AbeBooks is offering you the chance to win a truly unique prize – an exclusive bookshelf constructed from Harry Potter books.

The bookshelf, commissioned specially by AbeBooks and created by acclaimed American book sculptor Jim Rosenau, is the only one of its kind and is the perfect accessory for your collection of JK Rowling novels. Not even JK owns one of these. Click here to learn more about Jim and his work.

To enter the contest, we want you to compose a poem dedicated to Harry Potter. It can be anything from a limerick to a haiku to a love poem to an elegy to a sonnet. Be creative – the finest poem about the Boy Wizard will win and we’ll also publish the best ones on AbeBooks. There is no limitation on length. You can enter up to three times separately but each entry must contain just one poem. AbeBooks’ Jordan Gordon, an account manager, has started the ball rolling with his own poetic composition - read the poem here.

The contest closes on Friday 6 July 2007 so there is ample time to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll announce the winner on July 10 and ship the bookshelf before July 21. The bookshelf includes a fastner for wall attachment and simply requires a screwdriver when mounting it to the wall.

The entries will be judged by AbeBooks and our decision will be final. Anyone can enter but if you’re under 18 then you will need your parents’ permission.

Best of luck – may the best Muggle win.

Contest Rules


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