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J. Kaye's Book Blog

Check out J. Kaye Oldner's book blog for information on interesting books. But that's not all!
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Book Video!

This is an interesting site!

I tried embedding this widget in my sidebar but it won't work. Help, anyone?
Note - changing the height and the width just clipped it but didn't shrink it.

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I am entering a blog contest run by Tee at Spilt Milk. Spilt Milk is a blog about many things, including, a meddling mother-in-law, her Latino husband, motherhood, raising boys, reviews of cool products, books, funny life observations, and her struggle with religion and self esteem. The prize is a 3-pack of popular kid's computer games, and all I had to do to enter was to cut and paste this code onto my blog. I hope I win!

Win the latest Harry Potter

For those of you who haven't yet bought your copy yet, this is a wonderful opportunity to get the book FREE. I have mine so I won't be entering. But I had to share it with you all. Desperately Seeking Sanity is giving away "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and all you have to do is comment on this post.

Life after Harry Potter

I took a well-deserved break this weekend to do what most of the rest of the world was doing - reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'd ordered it online from Amazon (only because I had a GC) and got it late Saturday afternoon, despite not springing for expedited shipping and with a book-arrival prediction date of July 26. I'd have expired from suspense had it really been that long. But thank you, Amazon and USPS for such wonderful work and getting me my book before time! I sat with my nose buried in the book and managed to finish reading it by Sunday 1 pm despite interruptions such as feeding the family, catching some sleep etc.

No, I'm not going to post any spoilers here. Suffice to say, this book was well worth the wait despite the somewhat anti-climactic abundance of accurate spoilers pre-release. The way the series ended left me with more questions than answers. Rowling is content to let readers imagine some (that I feel is critical) stuff instead of spelling out clearly what happens afterwards. I really really hate this technique of writing. While it effectively maintains the suspense and leaves the author a convenient loophole for writing a sequel sometime in the future, it torments bookworms like myself. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Yes, some beloved characters do die, as Rowling kept warning readers again and again for the past some 2 years. But are kids and adults today so fragile as to be traumatized because of it?! Do they really require a help hotline for it?!!!!! I feel this is going totally overboard even for overreaction. BookNinja puts it beautifully and I quote "Psychologists and kids help lines prepare for onslaught of distressed children in the wake of Harry Potter 7. What has our world come to? If hostile carnivorous aliens arrive in the next 50 years and these kids are in charge, then we deserve to be fricasseed and served up with a side of chips aboard a luxury cruise liner in the stars. A little backbone, please." Amen, BookNinja!

Having finished reading this book, I feel at somewhat loose ends. What next? Everything seems pale and listless, dreary and tired. I feel like I've lost a beloved friend and surrounded as I am by pragmatists and non-bookworms who don't feel the same way as I do, I feel I have no one to mourn with. But it is bereavement of the literary sort. Harry's books are over, what do I have to look forward to reading in the years to come? Will another series ever have the same impact, or will they all feel like pale imitations? The movies based on the series are consolation prizes at best.

Life goes on, and I have to go with it. So...
Adieu Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Hagrid, Ginny, and all the other Weasleys.
Goodbye Neville, Luna, Cho, and the Patil twins.
So long, Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout.
See you, Hogwarts.

Want an iPhone?

Mr. Gary Lee is giving away a free iphone on his blog. OK, it’s not really free because he wants you to link to him with the phrases “Internet Marketing” and “free iPhone” and pimp his new golf blog. The deadline for this contest is “sometime mid to late August” so you better enter “sometime” before then.

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Taken From : The Budget Fashionista.

Rants And Thanks!

Rant - I hate, absolutely totally HATE walk-on ads. You know the ones I mean. Wherein you're watching "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and on the bottom of your television screen Raymond walks in advertising a rerun of his show - the one that's OVER! No offense to Mr.Romano (I too love Raymond, however that's not the point), but his mug is the last thing I want to see when the door slams behind Harry in the Shrieking Shack and Ron cries out, "Look out, it's a trap". It's highly distracting and immensely irritating, to say the least.

The same way when I'm watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and on pops Bill Engvall. I hate it as well. No, I recant that. I hate it even more, cause the guy actually pauses the show, while mouthing off about his soon-to-be-released show. This takes the proverbial cake! And he does it at the exact moment when Ray is about to say a rib-cracking one liner! The nerve of it!!!! Isn't it enough that we're subjected to an ever-increasing parade of senseless ads during commercials?! Now even the little glimpse of the actual show we're supposed to be watching between commercials is being paused to make room for even more ads?! SHAME on you TBS for this poor poor way of promoting a show.

Thanks - On a happier note, I've been lucky enough to win some nice goodies in the past few months. So I wanted to write and say thanks to these wonderful bloggers who chose me as a lucky winner. You know who your are! :-) Aw, shucks, let me name them : Kailani, Liquid Silver Blog, Favorite Pasttimes, Celebrity Baby Blog, Michele Hauf, Simply Ali, Mommy Brain, A Family Runs Through It, Mommy Knows, Rose Petal Betty, and finally, Anjali.
{If I missed someone, sorry about that!}

Scholastic Winners!


Scholastic announced today [6/11/03] the winners of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix national essay contest. Ten essays were selected from over 12,000 entries received. The winning children and their chaperones will be the guests of Scholastic for an all expense paid trip to London, England to hear J.K. Rowling, the author of the phenomenal best-selling Harry Potter books, answer questions and read from her extraordinary new novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a live event at The Royal Albert Hall on Thursday, June 26th.

Fans were asked to write a 300-word essay expounding on the question "IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SPECIAL POWER TAUGHT AT HOGWARTS, WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHY?" Entries were judged based on originality and clarity. The ten winners range in age from 8 to 16, and are from all areas of the United States.

Arthur Levine, Editorial Director, Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic, editor of the Harry Potter books, a judge of the essay contest said: “Reading these essays was a wonderful reminder of the deep connection J.K. Rowling’s books make with her readers; how her stories tweak the imagination, and speak to our deep yearning for the power to make our lives better and to leave an impact on this world.”

Excerpts from the winning essays:

Sudipta B., NJ, Age 16
"As a Hogwarts student, I would like to be taught a charm that could compel a wicked man to experience the painful suffering of his victims and the tragic consequences of his actions... Had Lord Voldemort ever witnessed from the other side of his wand the last and painful gasps of his victims, James and Lily Potter might have been alive today.”

Daniel B., CA, Age 8
"The best potion I would make would be the Autistic Cure Potion. I would give some of it to Suzie (my sister), and then give the rest to other kids with autism. If Suzie didn't have autism we could go to the same school. She could just be a normal kid."

Marty C., VT, Age 12
"My brother (Alex) is not a kid. He's older than me and has no friends. Although he has a huge vocabulary and a wild imagination, he can't read anything more than easy readers...I shout 'EVOLOUTIO REPARO!!' (Latin for 'repair reading.')...Alex grinned like Hagrid discovering a new 'pet.' 'You cast a spell on me!'...'I can read Harry Potter now!'...'Just let me read to you.' he said.”

Nancy C., OK, Age 14
"The Rictusempra Spell causes the recipient to laugh and giggle uncontrollably, while the Tarantallegra Spell makes them waltz madly... These spells would be an exhilarating way to quarrel with one another while having joy and excitement... I would also perform the Rictusempra ad Tarantallegra spells on a couple of my teachers and friends. A few of them are a little too serious with life and deserve some cheer and happiness. The Rictusempra spell would also be beneficial to them; laughter is found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, produce disease-destroying antibodies, and release endorphins. The Tarantallegra would decrease obesity and depression, as it is practically impossible to stay gloomy when you are dancing."

David D., FL, Age 14
"Although I am only fourteen years old I have the experience of a broken heart due to the death of my mother and it still has not healed. For this reason I am determined to learn how to acquire the power of healing broken hearts...It can help people all over the world and cure problems. I loved my mom and she is gone. I would like the sadness to start lifting somewhat.”

Louisa G., ID, Age 11
"If I could have a chance to have a magical power, I wouldn't. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I would want to do or become. Would I rid people of pain? Would I learn to fly, speak all languages, or become an elf? None of these. I realized that I'm happy just the way I am. I have a good family, nice friends, and a lot of books."

Brittany H., NY, Age 16
"My quest for healing begins when I was 2 1/2, and had to watch my dad's slow recovery from a massive stroke. He is now left without any physical mobility on his left side. My imagination used to wander, as to how I could magically change things. Life has thrown my mom and me a devastating curve, and only my ability to pretend could rescue me from reality...Within a blink of an eye my magic brings lifeless limbs to moving miracles. As I would watch him regain his life back, my imagination soars."

Emily G., IN, Age 8 1/2
“My favorite spell is Polyjuice Potion, because you can be other people! My friend Tara, in my class is blind. If I could use Polyjuice Potion, I’d become her and see what it’s like to be blind. Then I could help her better.”

Thomas P., CA, Age 15
"If I had the opportunity to choose one spell, charm, hex or curse to learn and be able to perform on command for the rest of my life, my immediate choice would be the summoning charm, for reasons which, if not already painfully obvious, shall be thoroughly explained herein... Oh, how I would relish my newly acquired ability as I sat, summoning random objects to my side for no particular reason at all, and then giggling fiendishly, as members of my family exchange dark looks with one another."

Angela W., MI, Age 14
"Obliviate!' No matter how many times I say the word, it never seems to work. When a teacher asks, 'Why didn't you do your homework?' and I yell back 'Obliviate!' in hopes that she'll forget the assignment existed, she just stares at me blankly...And, sadly the same result generally occurs when I try to make my sister forget that I borrowed her CD...On that account, after much contemplation, intensive soul-searching, and a couple of animated conversations with myself, I've decided that the ability to perform memory Charms would have to be the best power."

On June 26th at the historic Royal Albert Hall in London, J.K. Rowling will treat her fans to an exciting event. The extraordinary afternoon will begin with a conversation between Rowling and actor/author Stephen Fry. She will then read personally selected excerpts from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and answer questions from children about the new book. The entire event will be broadcast via a MSN Live Webcast at 11:00 a.m. (EST) in the U.S. The event will then be archived online for 7 days.

The Romance Wiki

Wiki --- strange word, isn't it? I'd heard of and have contributed to the controversial Wikipedia - the free online English Encyclopedia to which any visitor can add, delete or modify content. I like it for I figure it's the only way I'll ever get to write something for an encyclopedia.

But what exactly is a "Wiki"?

Here's what Google helped me find : Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly. The first ever wiki site was created for the Portland Pattern Repository in 1995.

I had no idea.

Now some enterprising romance fan has taken it a step further and created -
"The Romance Wiki". Here's what it says on the site :

"RomanceWiki is creating an ongoing history of the market-leading romance genre. Never before has there been a single resource to combine the various elements of the genre: authors, books, publishers, awards, reviews, influences, and connections. In addition to building the history of romance novels, RomanceWiki provides resources for journalists, authors, and readers. The RomanceWiki will be a collaborative effort. Every member of the romance community has something to offer, and we encourage you to add your stories and insights to RomanceWiki. "

Clever and resourceful - I like this! Wonder if there's a wiki for other genres as well?

Which Jane Austen Character are You?

You scored as Elizabeth Bennet.

As one of Austen's most beloved characters, Elizabeth Bennet represents what most women would like to become: strong, independent, and loyal. Of course, she has her faults including a stubborn will of iron and a clinging to first impressions. Overall, Lizzie is bright and lovable...something to admire and aspire to.

Elizabeth Bennet


Charlotte Lucas


Marianne Dashwood


Emma Woodhouse


Elinor Dashwood


Lady Catherine


Jane Bennet


Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
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