Rants And Thanks!

by - 7/16/2007

Rant - I hate, absolutely totally HATE walk-on ads. You know the ones I mean. Wherein you're watching "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and on the bottom of your television screen Raymond walks in advertising a rerun of his show - the one that's OVER! No offense to Mr.Romano (I too love Raymond, however that's not the point), but his mug is the last thing I want to see when the door slams behind Harry in the Shrieking Shack and Ron cries out, "Look out, it's a trap". It's highly distracting and immensely irritating, to say the least.

The same way when I'm watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and on pops Bill Engvall. I hate it as well. No, I recant that. I hate it even more, cause the guy actually pauses the show, while mouthing off about his soon-to-be-released show. This takes the proverbial cake! And he does it at the exact moment when Ray is about to say a rib-cracking one liner! The nerve of it!!!! Isn't it enough that we're subjected to an ever-increasing parade of senseless ads during commercials?! Now even the little glimpse of the actual show we're supposed to be watching between commercials is being paused to make room for even more ads?! SHAME on you TBS for this poor poor way of promoting a show.

Thanks - On a happier note, I've been lucky enough to win some nice goodies in the past few months. So I wanted to write and say thanks to these wonderful bloggers who chose me as a lucky winner. You know who your are! :-) Aw, shucks, let me name them : Kailani, Liquid Silver Blog, Favorite Pasttimes, Celebrity Baby Blog, Michele Hauf, Simply Ali, Mommy Brain, A Family Runs Through It, Mommy Knows, Rose Petal Betty, and finally, Anjali.
{If I missed someone, sorry about that!}

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