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Halloween Costume Contest is having a Halloween Costume Contest. To enter, submit a photo of a person or an animal in a finished Halloween costume, name of the costume and instructions on how to make the costume. Each submission will be judged in three categories: [1] Most Unique--costume should be unique and original, showing creativity in its idea, design and construction; [2] Family Costumes--costume idea lends itself to being worn by various family members and [3] Easy To Make--costume can be easily made, yet has added elements of creativity that make it unique. Online voting will determine the winners. The grand prize is a trip for four to Walt Disney World. Two first prize winners will each receive a digital camera. Up to nine honorable mention winners will each receive a picnic basket. Expiration Date: 10/31/2007

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  1. I am running a Halloween Contest too. Please consider joining.


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