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Want to win the premium Wordpress theme, called Money Blogger and worth of $49.99?

The offered theme has a blue-green color scheme and it features CSS tabs to display recent posts, recent comments and monthly posts.

The theme features

  1. Widget Ready.
  2. Fully XHTML compliant.
  3. Unique design.
  4. Easily customizable using CSS.
  5. Appealing & modern layout.
  6. Modular sections for easy editing.
  7. Full post sales support.
Javi over BlogOhBlog is providing a free copy of this template. If you want to take a place in the contest, all you need to blog about it before 25th March and you’ll get a chance to win a copy of Money Blogger premium theme.

Treat me to a Starbucks, so I can stay up late blogging my heart out!

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