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by - 4/29/2008

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a unique book product, namely The Periscope LED book light in a book cover.

Now, being a bona fide bookworm and one who likes to read late into the night, I’ve gone through several book lights. While necessary for every bookworm, their ease of use isn’t always guaranteed. Most book lights clip on to the cover of the book you’re reading. This is fine if it’s a hardback where the hard cover is capable of holding the weight of the book light and its subsequent use. But most book lights generally fail when it comes to paperbacks. Add to this a bookmark and things get real dicey balance-wise. This is where the Periscope LED book light in a book cover comes in real handy. After reading the press release (below) I was really eager to try out this innovative product that’s now available in Barnes & Noble bookstores and website.

From the Press release -

The Periscope LED book light in a book cover comes for both hardcover and paperback books. It protects privacy while putting light where you want it without cords, clips or clutter. These Periscope products feature a LED book light, a book cover and a bookmark in a single lightweight unit.

Unlike other reading lights, the Periscope book light is always with the book you’re reading. Readers never have to search for or carry a separate light for the hardcover or paperback book they’re reading. Simply slip the book into the Periscope bookcover (there are separate covers for hardcover and mass market paperback books), pull up the retractable light that’s stored in the spine of the book cover and start reading in the dark! The Periscope adjustable twin, wide-angle LED light automatically turns on when the arm is extended and shuts off when collapsed into the cover. What’s more, because the light is totally adjustable, readers can put the reading light precisely where they want it for maximum reading comfort. And, because Periscope is battery powered by three AA batteries that deliver over 40 hours of continuous light, there are no cords or plugs to worry about.

The Periscope paperback book light in a bookcover fits all mass market sized soft cover books and carries a suggested retail price of $34.95. The Periscope hardcover book light in a book cover carries a suggested retail price of only $39.95 and accommodates best-seller hardcover, trade paperbacks, and Bibles. Both models come with a built-in bookmark and inside pockets to hold tickets or other travel documents. A mini travel AC adapter is available for both models for a suggested retail price of $14.95.

For more information about Periscope products, visit

I tried out the paperback version of this nifty product. This product is all that it claims to be and I’ve found it really useful for my night time reading. The light is really good and while I’d have preferred the brilliance toned down a little bit (a dimmer attachment perhaps), there’s no doubt that it makes reading easy and an out and out pleasure in a darkened atmosphere. I found the concept of a built-in retractable book light to be very appealing (not to mention space-saving) and it helps enormously when you don’t have to struggle to clip a book light to a easily-bent paperback cover and make sure it doesn’t fall off if you change positions or turn a page. The extendable arm gives it versatility and the adjustable head provides light at whichever angle’s convenient to you. In fact, just its name (periscope) says it all.

I’ve used book covers and I’ve used book lights. But this is the only product that I know of which combines the use and utilization of both. I found the book cover with its built-in pocket to be a boon for those times when you have a ticket or some such to store and also to hide the sometimes provocative covers of the novels I love to read. A fat paperback neatly fits in this bookcover and since the light is built in, I just have to pull up the arm for it to automatically switch on and use the built-in bookmark for when slumber claims me. The three AA batteries claim to deliver over 40 hours of continuous light, so no fumbling around for batteries every time you want to read at night and there’s also an AC travel adapter for direct power supply. And what is just terrific is that when traveling, I don’t have to put away the book and the light and the bookmark separately as they’re all built in one single bookcover! Just close it, and go.

In Short

What a simple yet brilliant concept. It makes my bookish heart sigh wistfully just thinking of how many more books I would have been able to read if only someone had come up with this product years earlier.

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