DVD: 3-2-1 Penguins! Save The Planets!

by - 9/19/2008

3-2-1 Penguins
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Produced by Big Idea, the creators of the award-winning VeggieTales® series, 3-2-1 Penguins!® follows the galactic adventures of two young kids and four space-traveling penguins dedicated to responding to distress calls from across the galaxy and learning important life lessons and values along the way.


When twins Jason and Michelle move in with their Grandmother for the summer, they discover four out-of-this-world penguins! Together they explore the galaxy and learn important lessons and values along the way. Includes 3 lesson-teaching episodes: More is More - A lesson in over-indulgence: The Penguins are sent to Planet Gutt to investigate its gravitational field and find that the entire planet has become addicted to Sugar Frosted Black Holes. The Green-Eyed Monsters - A Lesson in envy/jelousy: The Penguins visit a small planet divided by a picket fence populated by two factions of sheep. Give and Let Give - A lesson in sharing: The crew heads to a planet of Garden Gnomes and Pink Flamingos who are feuding over water rights on their draught-stricken world.

Bonus Features

     ● Pearls of Wisdom
     ● Make Your Own Planet
     ● Animation Progression
     ● Video Trivia
     ● Studio Commentary
     ● Discussion Guide
     ● Fun Games: How to Draw Kevin and Chancellor Gutt, DVD-Rom Fun

Trailer :

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