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by - 9/23/2008

One of the biggest chores in my household is cleaning the carpet. I really hate this particular chore. That's because often times it feels like all my back-breaking labor results in a big fat zero. Zero elimination of unexpected stains, that is. After spending hours on my hands and knees, scrubbing, inhaling undoubtedly toxic fumes, I expect that pink (blue, brown, black - name your color) stain that appeared overnight (do I have stain poltergeists?!) to disappear. But they don't!

It's really frustrating, as I'm sure anyone who has ever cleaned a carpet, knows. Which is why I was excited when Mom Central came about with a new tour that fitted my needs exactly! It's for Spot Shot - the new NON-TOXIC, certified biodegradable and powerful carpet cleaner and odor eliminator created by that trusted name, WD-40. 

We all recognize WD-40 Company as a name we can trust (who hasn't grabbed a can of WD-40 to fix a squeaky door hinge or get gum out of long hair?). Spot Shot continues this long tradition of superior product performance by permanently eliminating old and new stains, neutralizing smells through dual-odor eliminators, and incorporating anti-resoiling agents into your carpet to help prevent stains from returning. The newly reformulated Spot Shot is also non-toxic and is environmentally friendly - easy to appreciate, as more Moms want powerful but environmentally safe products that work.

WD-40 Company is also introducing Spot Shot Pet, formulated specifically for the safe, permanent removal of the most difficult pet stains and odors.  Non-toxic and biodegradable, Spot Shot Pet can safely treat carpets everywhere kids play and pets roam.

I got sent a demo kit to try out. It worked wonders on my carpet! Even stubborn stains that no other cleaning product had eliminated, faded almost out of sight when I used Spot Shot on them. Mind you, they didn't disappear completely (I doubt if even dynamite could do that!). But they did fade noticeably, or rather... they aren't as noticeable now! And unlike other carpet cleaners, it didn't leave behind it's own brand of smell or rather stink, on the carpet.

Most importantly, I can use it freely without worrying about me or my family coming in contact with a potentially deadly chemical. Now that's something I LOVE and I'm sure you will too!

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  1. I love Spot Shot! It has actually been around a while, and it has been my carpet cleaner of choice for several years now. It even got out blueberry stains for me.

  2. Good to have your personal recommendation, Revka!


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