Unique Skins

by - 10/07/2008

What are Skins?

Short answer - they're products that transform the dull old faceplates of your electronic devices, rendering them new, trendy and always up-to-date. Something akin to how doll clothes can be changed for different occasions.

Whether you're looking to change the facade of your Cell phone, MP3 Players, Laptops, Bluetooth Headsets, Gaming Consoles, or other miscellaneous devices, Unique Skins is the site to go to! Their skins are made of a vinyl with a non permenant adhesive backing that is processionally cut to fit your device. What makes them so unique is that you are able to customize your own device with whatever kind of graphic, text or personal image you desire.

For my review, they sent me a laptop skin that I picked out of their wonderful choice of selections and then personalized it with my initial. The skin was pre-cut to my laptop's size. Installation was as easy as peeling it and then sticking it on top of my laptop.

Now, instead of a boring old black face, my laptop has a snazzy, bold new design that looks oh-so cool! I love how it gives new life to my laptop. And their rates are way affordable too.

So, get personalizing - get your device something uniquely its own from Unique Skins!

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