Hear Through Your Bottom

by - 2/11/2009

NO, I'm not kidding. I read this article and just had to share!

From ItExaminer.com:

Scientists have developed a chair which will help people hear using their bottoms.

Ryerson University's Centre of Learning Technology and the Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab have developed chairs that translate music into a series of tactile sensations.

The vibrating Emoti-Chairs analyses sound frequencies using a similar mapping to the human ear. These are then translated into mechanical responses – including motion, vibration, and blasts of air on the face.

Scientists hope that it can give deaf people the chance to experience music for the first time.

They are also interested to see if they can spot the difference between Beethoven, Mozart and popular beat combos like the Beatles and ZZ Top.

A concert is being planned with the musician's sound gear being linked into the chairs.
Better hope that no one wants to get up and dance otherwise they will not hear a thing.    The chance of having people hear through their bottoms is a boon for artists like Craig David and James Blunt who have been singing out of theirs for ages. X

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The Guardian

Sometimes Man's ingenuity just begs to be applauded, don't you think? Share your thoughts via comments!

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