DVD Review - The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

by - 5/31/2009

PhotobucketThe Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Pricing: $14.99 US/ $15.99 CAN
Runtime: 3 Hrs., 1 Min.
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
Canadian Rating: PG

An ideal introduction to the only syndicated series to ever receive an Emmy® nomination for Best Dramatic Series, The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation highlights the four most sensational episodes of the series TV Guide calls “one of the greatest television shows of all time.”

Set in the 24th century, “The Next Generation” follows the crew of the Enterprise-D, helmed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), along with their iconic and endearing supporting crew. Featured episodes include the two-part The Best of Both Worlds, Yesterday’s Enterprise in which a previous Enterprise travels 22 years into the future to meet with its successor and The Measure of a Man, an episode where Commander Riker is forced to take the stand to prove that Data is indeed an android.

After the original Star Trek series, The Next Generation is my favorite. Patrick Stewart does an excellent portrayal of a Starfleet Captain who is clever, responsible and occasionally humorous. The charming rogue as well as the Captain's right hand is played by Jonathan Frakes in his dashing portrayal of Commander William T. Riker. Data, Belana, Geordi, Worf, the Crushers and a host of other intriguing characters made this an excellent series to watch.

This Dvd has -

The Best of Both Worlds (Part I) – Responding to a distress call on one of the Federation’s outer-most colonies, the Enterprise arrives…only to find the colony has disappeared (memorable!)
The Best of Both Worlds (Part II) – Commander Riker pulls out all the stops in order to save Earth from a Borg invasion lead by Locutus – otherwise known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Yesterday’s Enterprise – A rift in the space/time continuum brings the previous Enterprise – the Enterprise C – 22 years into the future, forever altering time (very intriguiging)
The Measure of a Man – When Data’s rights as a sentient individual are placed under trial, Starfleet forces Commander Riker into a position where he must prove that Data is an Android (I found this particularly moving!)

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