DVD Review - The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series

by - 5/28/2009

PhotobucketThe Best of Star Trek: The Original Series

Pricing: $14.99 US/ $15.99 CAN
Runtime: 3 Hrs., 35 Min.
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
Canadian Rating: G

The original and iconic series that started it all, THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES navigates the fantastic adventures of Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and their crew on the Starship Enterprise as they launch a five-year mission to explore strange worlds, seek out new life forms and boldly go where no man has gone before.

Featured episodes include The Trouble with Tribbles, arguably the most popular “Star Trek” episode of all time, plus Amok Time, The City on the Edge of Forever and Balance of Terror, which introduced the evil Romulans to the series. Digitally remastered with brilliant picture quality and enhanced special effects, THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES serves as a perfect introduction to the epic world of “Star Trek.”

My Thoughts - I loved Star Trek when I was a kid (although I watched it years after it was originally released. It was new to me and I was hooked!) and love it even today when I'm a parent. There is a magic about that series that still holds me enchanted and to date, I mouth those famous wors "five year mission to..." when Shatner's voiceover comes on as each episode begins. Compared to the sophisticated sets, costumes, makeup and special effects today, this original series does seem a bit outdated, but there's no denying that the magnetism is way better. Among the actors, Shatner particularly takes the cake and he's the most charming of all the Star Trek captains ever, in my personal and smitten-opinion. And there's no one who comes close to Nimoy's stoic and "logical" acting as Spock. His constant verbal battles with Dr. McCoy is also one of the highlights of the series.

THE BEST OF STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES has the following episodes:

        •    The City on the Edge of Forever – The Enterprise crew discovers a time and space portal, leading one of them to accidentally alter history (makes you think, this episode!)
        •    The Trouble with Tribbles – The cute, furry tribble is brought on board the Enterprise as a pet, only to be discovered as a rapidly reproducing, all-consuming animal (I still laugh whenever I see this episode!)
        •    Balance of Terror – After the Romulans use hostile force on a Federation outpost, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise must battle an invisible spaceship (keeps you on your toes!)
        •    Amok Time – Follow Mr. Spock as he returns to his homeland for a brutal Vulcan marriage ritual (fascinating!)

This Dvd is a wonderful experience whether you're new to the series or an ardent fan!

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