DVD Review - Taken

by - 5/27/2009

PhotobucketSynopsis - A former spy relies on his special skills and killer instinct as he hunts down the men who kidnapped his daughter in Taken, an adrenaline fueled drama available on Blu-ray Disc (BD) and two-disc extended cut DVD with digital copy May 12 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Academy Award®-nominee* Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List) stars as Brian Mills, a former secret agent trained in hand to hand combat who struggles as a divorcee and father of 17-year old Kim (Maggie Grace, “Lost”). Living with Brian’s ex-wife Lenore (Famke Jansson, X-Men: The Last Stand), Kim rarely gets the chance to see her father, but when she does he is often smothering and overbearing. When the opportunity arises to travel to Europe with her best friend, Kim convinces her dad to let her go on the trip by leaving out some very important details. The first stop for the girls is Paris, but hours after they arrive they are victims of a disturbing break-in and abducted by an Albanian criminal organization. Now, with only 96 hours to find his daughter before she will disappear forever, time is running out and Brian Mills must put his CIA expertise to the test before its too late.

MY Thoughts - Loaded with action, suspense and excitement at every turn, TAKEN is one of the few movies I've watched recently and in the process, lost the opportunity to catch some much-needed shut-eye. Parents or people with newborns in their home will know what I'm talking about. Yes, people, it's that GOOD!

The movie begins slowly but picks up pace until it's practically going at light speed and taking your pulse with it. Liam Neeson is excellent as the quiet but deadly spy who won't stop at anything to rescue his daughter. Action scenes are plentiful and slick with Neeson exploding into swift but brutal action time and again whether it's with a gun or fists, using a car or his own two feet. It's deadly efficiency at its peak and has been captured most beautifully. The plotting is also good and while this is not a "whodunit", the suspense is still excellent and leaves the audience wondering if the father will get to rescue his daughter before the 96 hr deadline is up. I also liked the fact that while high-technology is used, unlike Bond movies this movie does not heavily rely on them and there is some actual detective work done. But like in Bond movies, the lead character miraculously escapes serious injury time and again. It's not very convincing but it sure makes for fun watching.

Maggie Grace wasn't very good as a bouncing 17-year old. Only when bad things start to happen, does her acting begin to get convincing. The talented Famke Jansson is wasted as the indulgent mother. Most of the other characters just put in brief appearances.

I watched the unrated version (the standard DVD has both theatrical and unrated versions in it) and was bowled over. Additional bonus features include audio commentaries by the director, writer and cinematographers, exclusive behind-the-scenes “making of” featurette and action packed side-by-side comparisons.

In Short - Hubby and I both enjoyed this movie, my hubby more than me. (He asked that I mention that in my review!)

My recommendation - Enjoy this movie with the man in your life. He's guaranteed to love it!

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  1. Great Review! My husband and I enjoyed it too, and thanks to Redbox it only cost a $1 to rent!

  2. Ha I hear you on the newborn, my 3 week old has her days and nights mixed up so I tend to watch more movies and TV at night.
    Taken was a good movie, I enjoyed it dad kept his word big time..

  3. Cher - thanks! Glad you and your husband enjoyed it as well. Redbox sounds like a great way to get movies. How long can u keep a dvd, btw?

    Lisa - me too! Thank god for those late night Law & Order reruns. I'm addicted to them now :) RE. TAKEN - it was FUN. I had loved Neeson in Love Actually, and Star Wars, but he's wasted in those brief roles. This was a better showcase for his considerable talents!

  4. This is one of those movies where I was dragged to the theather to watch it with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at the end. This is now one of my favorite movies of all-time. It's a must-see.


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