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As a mom, I have been faced with issues and questions regarding my children over the years where I wished that I had advice from other mothers who had "already been there, done that." Ranging from how to deal with a newly discovered allergy to deciding on the safest car seat for your kids, moms take on the important task of family decision-making everyday.

Advice, however, does not always prove easy to come by in our time-crunched lives. Perhaps you have even had a question that you would rather not discuss with your friends and family, but still need the answer to. In comes Mamapedia, providing all these answers aggregated in a single destination.

Mamapedia enables you to search answers for your most pressing questions, such as eczema, breastfeeding, childhood crushes, renting a house, and summer camps, to get empathetic and insightful answers from moms around the country. A virtual encyclopedia of Mothers' wisdom, Mamapedia allows you to quickly navigate through thousands of diverse categories to find the thoughtful, sympathetic-and most importantly-helpful answers to all of your questions. Mamapedia brings millions of women together online, both nation-wide and in our own communities, so we can help each other tackle those difficult parenting questions or even just give recommendations on our favorite pediatricians, playgroups, and kid-friendly restaurants.

Check out the new Mamapedia, which can be found on their website at

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