DVD Review - Nobel Son

by - 6/19/2009

On the eve of Barkley Michaelson's father receiving the Nobel Prize, Barkley is kidnapped and the requested ransom is the $2,000,000 in Nobel Prize money. When his father refuses to pay it starts a venomous tale of familial dysfunction, lust, betrayal and ultimately revenge. Featuring an ensemble cast starring Alan Rickman, Bryan Greenberg, Mary Steenburgen, Shawn Hatosy, Bill Pullman, Ted Danson, Danny Devito and Eliza Dushku.

DVD Specs:
The Nobel Son DVD is presented in widescreen format (2.35:1 aspect ratio) with English 5.1 Dolby Surround sound and English and Spanish subtitles. Special features include:

• Commentary with director/producer Randall Miller, writer/producer Jody Savin, musician Paul Oakenfold, cinematographer Mike Ozier and actors Brian Greenberg and Eliza Dushku.
• Deleted scenes with optional commentary from director/producer Randall Miller and writer/producer Jody Savin
o Barkley Stalks Thaddeus
o Barkley Freaks Out Thaddeus
o City Hall in the Asylum
• Alternate ending sequence

My Thoughts:  I'd read a lot of conflicting reports on the web about this movie - some liked it, some absolutely hated it. That left me intrigued and I was eager to watch and judge this movie for myself. Once the movie was over, I understood why people felt that way. Like others before me, I just couldn't decide whether I loved it or hated it.

What I liked mainly was the intriguing plot (and how it twists and turns!) and how the movie ended. What I didn't like was the weak acting and the general chaos of the narrative. The movie is sprawling and there are too many elements and characters and not all of them are utilized or brought together cohesively to form a crisp product.

The acting prowess of veterans Danny De Vito, Alan Rickman, Mary Steenburgen and Bill Pullman are just not utilized to the fullest extent. Instead, the burden of the story rests on the relatively immature shoulders of little known actors Bryan Greenberg and Shawn Hatosy and unfortunately, neither of them rises to the mark. I must say that Rickman does shine as the selfish and womanizing Nobel prize winner. But that's as far as it goes. He has little else to do. Overall, the plot is good, but the way it's handled and executed leaves much to be desired.

My Recommendation: See and judge this movie for yourself. Don't forget to come back and tell me whether you loved it or hated it!

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