Kiddie Kangaroo - Review

by - 6/23/2009

I'm often on the go with my kids and the car is like a second home to them. The baby is generally quiet in the infant seat but my active little toddler is always bouncing (figuratively speaking, of course!) in his. One of the things that concerns me while driving is his constant asking for stuff :

Him: "Mommy, I dropped my sippy cup (or sunglasses or cap or book or ...). I want it - NOW!
Me: "No, honey,  Mommy's driving. I'll get it later, when the car's not moving". 

So either I have to stop the car or try to reach behind with one hand while keeping  His seat itself has no cup holders or pockets or anything to keep his stuff in. So I got one of those behind-the-car-seat organizers for him to put all his stuff in, but with the seat belt on, that's generally out of his reach. I was looking for a solution online when I came across an interesting site, My Precious Kid. They have a lot of useful products, including the versatile Kiddie Kangaroo!

PhotobucketThe Kiddie Kangaroo is a travel accessory designed for birth to kindergarten use on car seats, infant carriers and strollers. Not only does it have adjustable pockets, but its waterproof material fits along the seat and up the back to help keep it clean. The pockets on each side have Velcro strips to be placed where needed for best fit and offer a Velcro divider that can divide the pockets for specialized storage or folded flat to allow for larger items such as books and toys. The Pockets are also washable or just wipe clean and are easy to add and remove.

It gives my toddler a place to keep everything within his reach, allowing me to keep my hands safely on the steering wheel and my eyes on the road. It is also available for strollers of all sizes. Practical, very useful and highly versatile, the Kiddie Kangaroo is a great buy at $19.99!

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