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by - 6/04/2009


My toddler is starting summer school soon and one of the first things his teacher told me was to label everything - yes, everything! From clothes to shoes to sippy cups, I have to label every single thing. For a trial run, I got some office labels and stuck them on all my kid's stuff to see how they'd hold up. As you can guess, they didn't last, not even half a day! I was scouring the web looking for a longer-lasting solution when an opportunity came along through Family Review Network to try out Oliver’s Labels.

Debbie, the owner of Oliver’s Labels, used her 6 years of experience in the printing industry to design a label that would be both waterproof and beautiful. She then came up with the Found-it Tracking System™ to avoid sharing personal information (like a phone number) with strangers. Now that was one of my chief concerns as my son tends to lose stuff a lot and I absolutely hate the idea of putting our phone number or any other contact info on labels that can be seen and used by just about anybody. Found-it™ is an exclusive, FREE online lost-and-found system code that can customers can opt to have on their labels. This unique code connects me to my item via my email address. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary, so the lost item can be tracked to its owner without anybody getting any vital info. You can read about it in detail on their website

They also have a range of label; from Waterproof, weatherproof and scuff resistant labels (tested for durability in the most demanding environments) to their particular Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels - the NO iron, NO sew solution to labeling clothes. This one is again a great feature as it's a no fuss solution that even this tired Mommy can utilize without wasting much time or energy, both of which I'm seriously lacking at the moment. They also have many beautiful full-color graphic designs to choose from for both kids and adults.  I particularly liked their foot-shaped labels for children's footwear. It's a source of delight and curiosity for my little one as well. I haven't seen anything of the like elsewhere.

Oliver’s Labels offer a lot of personalization options as well, catering to the needs of a variety of customers, and not just Moms like myself. From dishwasher to washing machines, these labels have been crafted to endure a wide variety of environments. And most importantly, they're reasonably priced as well!

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my Oliver’s Labels

Buy it! Currently all Oliver’s Labels products are 10% off as part of their tribute to Moms everywhere. Code is “Labeleverything” (one word).  Please note this code expires on June 31, 2009. Also, for a limited time, you can get Free Shipping on all orders over $30.

For a full list of products, visit www.oliverslabels.com.

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