DVD Review - Betrayed

by - 7/08/2009

The Betrayed

Synopsis : Waking up in a dark room after being knocked unconscious in a car accident and her young son nowhere in sight, Jamie Taylor (Melissa George), realizes that she has been kidnapped. Her masked captor (Oded Fehr) informs her that if she ever hopes to see her son alive again, she must help his mysterious employers. However, they’re not looking to collect a ransom; instead, the man reveals that Jamie’s husband is secretly a brutal killer who recently stole millions from his bosses.

The organization will stop at nothing to retrieve the missing money, and they think that their captive is the one person who can help them find it. Chained to a grate in a cold, dark room, with her marriage upended, her son’s life in jeopardy and no idea who she can trust, Jamie must attempt to piece together clues from the life she thought she knew in order to escape this nightmare and save the lives of her beloved family.

Single-Disc DVD Specs: The Betrayed single-disc DVD will be presented in widescreen format with English & Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital and English, Spanish & French subtitles.

My Thoughts: The Betrayed is a good, entertaining movie. Golden Globe® nominee* Melissa George's (“In Treatment,” “Alias”) acting is (somewhat) convincing as a woman whose world has turned on its head in an instant and she's unable to make out what is real and what is not. Other supporting characters have also been cast well, especially Oded Fehr who plays the role of her masked captor. Now this is a versatile actor whom I've seen in many other movies, playing small but vital roles. It's the same here. His distinct voice gave him away even though you can make out little through the mask. Atmospherically, the dingy cell where she's held is the focal point of the movie and that's very effective. And the ending is typical Hollywood, but effective nonetheless.

I don't call this movie stellar for just one reason - it comes close to outright thrilling moments time and again, but these fizz out almost as soon as they appear. Therefore, every emotion it causes in the audience is somewhat muted, for no sooner than expectations are raised, that they're dashed. It's not too terrifying, it's not too suspenseful, not too scary, not too adventurous. Like I said, faded. 

My Recommendation : It's a good way to pass a Sunday afternoon. However, I'd recommend you rent it, rather than buy it.

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