Melrose Kids' Head Snugglers - Review

by - 7/01/2009

PhotobucketLike all parents, I've had to watch in silent misery as my kids's heads flop around like a beached fish when they fall asleep in their car seats. There's nothing you can do and no matter how many times you gently push their heads back into the proper position, off they loll out again. End result is cranky kids with painful necks and aching backs (both parents and children!). I bought both my kids the neck supports that can be generally found in conventional stores and while they're effective somewhat, they're really not useful when the kid's in a deep sleep. Because then their heads flop forward and no neck support helps prevent that. And in my kids' cases, that kind of sleep (oh, the blissful silence!) is so rare, I do not want ANYTHING to disturb it.

PhotobucketThe solution I ultimately found is simple and yes, Mom-made! It's Melrose Kids' Head Snugglers. It's designed to properly support a child's head and neck while the child rests in the car seat (or simple umbrella stroller) to not only provide more comfort for kids, but peace of mind for parents.

My main concerns were whether it would fit over my infant car seat and the toys attached there and whether it'll be too tight or too lose on my newborn's tender head and face. And whether it'd fit over my toddler's front-facing seat as well.

To my delight, the Head Snuggler fitted easily over both, despite the fitted shade on the infant seat. And yesterday was the first day I had a chance to use it and it was with my baby daughter. I was a bit worried that it would be tight on a baby's head. But that wasn't the case. When her head started flopping forward, I gently pushed it back in the proper position and then stretched the Head Snuggler down and over her forehead. And presto! No more forward-drooping head! She slept comfortably and I feel for a longer time than usual, because of the Head Snuggler. I have it fitted over my toddler's seat as well, but he's usually so chipper when in the car that I haven't yet had a chance to use it on him yet. I look forward to that experience!

Melrose Kids' Head Snugglers are 100% Canadian made, so you can rest in peace there. They also have a very good "Usage Tips" section that explains everything clearly.

Buy it! Melrose Kids' Head Snugglers can be bought at their website and at select retail locations. For more information, just visit

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  1. I did have to giggle at the pic of the little one with her head bowed. My poor kids heads just about touch their laps, its so sad. I think the only issues I would have would the snuggler slip over the baby's face? I did check out the site and sent it on to some friends.

  2. So far I haven't experienced that.


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