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by - 7/24/2009

Twitter is quickly becoming the best way to find out what your friends, celebrities, and the world is doing – at any given moment. As Twitter becomes the go-to for relaying details about our lives, there are moments where those 140 characters just don’t suffice – and you need convey the excitement of the moment with a photo or video.

I’d like to introduce you to yfrog (http://yfrog.com/), the website and Twitter application that allows anyone to broadcast their life as it happens, and is an easy way to share photos and videos on Twitter. Just upload your video or photo to yfrog from your computer or mobile device, and tweet, link, email, or send to whoever you want. If you are already on Twitter, no registration is required, and you can post your video or photo in just two clicks. And if you have an iPhone – you can post pics or video right from the party, concert, vacation or any other spot where you want to share your experience.

To see yfrog in action, check out how some celebrities are using it:
―     The Jonas Brothers used yfrog to post concert pics for their fans (and received 81 pages of comments): http://img43.yfrog.com/i/1ic.jpg/
―     Twitter fan John Mayer uses yfrog to share a journey to In and Out:  http://www.yfrog.com/froggy.php?username=johncmayer
―     NFL star Dwight Howard started says hello using yfrog video:http://www.yfrog.com/froggy.php?username=dwighthoward

Yfrog comes to you from the guys behind ImageShack, the largest independent image hosting website with over 33 million monthly unique visitors.

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