Practice of 3 Breath Awareness!

by - 8/18/2009

PhotobucketEver notice that a day in a Mom's life often times has nothing to do with the woman in you at all!? It’s true, and you know it! From sun up to sun down a woman plays many active and often times exhausting roles – nurturing mother, activities coordinator, on-time taxi service, Love Goddess, chef, housekeeper, dog walker, dedicated employee, and the list goes on and on. All of which leaves little or no time to focus on – YOU! And, as we know all too well, if you’re frazzled and feeling unbalanced, it’s safe to assume those around you feel the same way as well.

Expert Marlise Karlin ( is here to share her insight on how important it is to focus on yourself, even if it just for 3 – 5 minutes a day with the Practice of 3 Breath Awareness!

3 Breath Awareness is an extraordinary tool that allows you to reboot yourself and access the well of limitless knowledge within you in moments. It is something that can be utilized many times a day and will always deepen your connection to your true essence, and to live in balance throughout your day.

How to Experience 3 Breath Awareness:

  • Practice first with your eyes closed. You can be standing or sitting. Close your eyes. If possible, listen to peaceful music or sit quietly in silence.
  • Allow any tension in your body to be released with each breath you take.
  • Breathe very deeply. Breathe so deep you can feel the air as it moves throughout every cell in your body.
  • With each breath feel yourself relaxing even more.
  • Place your awareness within yourself.
  • After the 3rd DEEP breath, sit in the awareness. Continue breathing and looking within.
  • Maintain this inner focus for 1-3 minutes or longer. The level of stress you were in when you began will determine the length of time needed to feel this shift in consciousness.
  • With your eyes still closed, notice if you can feel what has changed. Often, people say that even the air surrounding them has a different quality. Many feel the enlivened energy stream as it moves within them, often in the form of a tingling sensation in their hands or the top of the head and throughout their body.
  • Then, open your eyes while holding onto the stillness you have just moved into. When you take action from this state of ‘being’, it will enhance all the outcomes you are looking for, as well as greatly improve your state of mind in the moment.


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