by - 8/07/2009

People are living more of their lives on the Web – communicating with friends, managing finances, making major purchases, booking weddings and travel, etc.  Not only do Consumers need a way to know that the businesses and sites they’re dealing with are legitimate, but they also need the tools and the platform to share the experiences they’ve had.

SiteJabber (, a fun and easy way for consumers to review online businesses and Web sites, recently launched with new features including Facebook Connect and a review request option.

SiteJabber‘s goal is to help consumers feel as comfortable as possible with the businesses they engage with on the Web. It gives them a place to praise those who are doing a great job, and hold accountable those who’ve done them wrong, empowering customers, rewarding good practices, and holding sub par sites and businesses accountable. 

On SiteJabber, users can talk about why a site might be good or bad, the same way they’d chat in-person about their experiences with a neighborhood business. The review process is quick and easy, encouraging participation from a broad base of people and giving visitors the opportunity to check peer reviews before transacting – the same way they’re accustomed to doing offline. 

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  1. Useful. I always feel nervous whenever I transact online thinking that on the other side of the world there's someone logging all information I am inputting. At least with SiteJabbertec, I can share experiences with people and know which to avoid.


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