Keep Kids Cool with Frubi Shades

by - 9/16/2009


These days when you go outside, you automatically slide on Sunglasses. After all, who isn't worried about harmful sun rays and their devastating impact on eyes?! This goes double for our little ones. Trouble is, kids don't often realize this. As such Kids and Sunglasses don't mix well. Either the shades are too big for the baby or slide off the non-existent nose of your child. Or else they break/scratch easily when in the curious but determined hands of a toddler. Those that do survive are often lost as a kid's interest drifts or they jump and play around - which they do a lot! The solution lies in award-winning, ophthalmologist designed and tested, FRUBI Children's Sunglasses.


Why I LOVE them:
  • The soft, comfortable (and spongy) material is formed in one piece so there are no hinges, small parts or hard surfaces to hurt them. Or for that matter, break apart, like when my toddler threw them against the wall! They just bounced off, fell on the tile floor and amazingly, are still very much intact, unbroken and in one piece! It's the only one to survive his hands so far - yay!
  • They're especially molded to fit a child’s face, unlike small-sized adult sunglasses which just slide right off of a kid's tiny nose.
  • And they come with a fully adjustable band fits snugly and closes with velco. So I can use it for the baby or my toddler! 
  • They can just hang loosely around a kid's neck and still not be lost!
  • They have large side panels and soft temple pads to provide max coverage and comfortable wraparound fit. 
  • This also means, you need have no worries about your kid falling down and getting hurt from the frame breaking.
  • Polycarbonate lens blocks 100% UV and damaging blue light. So no more squinting in the sun!
  • Available in 16 great colors and prints!
  • Best of all, my kids really love them!
  • And they're quite affordable at $9.99!
I'm very happy with my children's Frubi Shades and feel comfortable not only using them on my kids but also recommending them to other parents who're looking for some fun, fashionable, affordable and most importantly, durable shades for their little ones!

For more information and to view their various styles/colors, please visit
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  1. These look absolutely perfect. I am so happy they don't have hinges.. the fact that they are one piece is a huge bonus. I am going to have to visit the site and see what ages these go to! Great product. I love a variety of colours option. The material sounds very comfy. Sounds like these are a win win!

  2. Those are darling- and priced perfectly. LOVE THEM!


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