Mom Does Know Best - Coupons with a Conscience

by - 9/02/2009

PhotobucketHas a recent grocery shop bill shocked you?! It certainly did to me! From food to gas, everything is more expensive. If cutting coupons and cutting out charities this holiday season are high on your mind, then here's some food for thought...

Two upstate New York moms and entrepreneurs Calandra Cruickshank and Dana Valdez have created a grassroots economic plan benefiting families, local merchants and over one million US non-profits, aiming to alleviate some of today's most pressing economic concerns. is a new, free website that taps online coupons to create an innovative and socially responsible "economic stimulus plan" to help people save money while stimulating business' sales and generating sustainable funds for non-profit organizations.

PhotobucketCommonKindness offers consumers thousands of national and local coupons and brand discounts. Each time a person prints a coupon with, funds are generated from advertising fees paid by the companies posting their coupons. CommonKindness shares 60 percent of its profits with the charities and causes selected by coupon clippers from an online list of over one million non-profits.

Now that's truly a way to get your cake and eat it as well! On my first visit itself, I found more than 8 coupons that I could use, including that rare one for Huggies!

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