Disney Princess Digital Camera

by - 10/14/2009

PhotobucketFalling in love with my kids has made me a maniac behind the lens. One disadvantage to having a camera as a third limb is that my kids are way too interested in this curious thing Mommy's forever carting around. Some months ago, my son finally managed to get a hold of it (he's into climbing chairs now - SIGH!) and being the curious monster that he is (I say it most affectionately...well, almost) he banged it against the tile floor to see what would happen. My poor camera expired on the spot. Along with getting myself a new camera, I also got my son one of those indestructible kid cameras. Thankfully he now leaves mine alone.

And then, just yesterday - as I was about to snap my baby girl's photo (with her cute face all smeared with cereal), she calmly reached out, grabbed my new camera and then dropped it with a shriek of delight. I was stunned! But thankfully not stunned enough. I did a dive worthy of Michael Phelps and caught it micro-seconds before it hit the ground.

I knew the time had come to start looking for a camera for my girl. (My toddler will sooner beat his camera to death than share, he's so enamored of it! Shades of Mommy, do you think?) I went to one of my favorite places to shop - SHOP.COM, a comparison shopping site specifically designed for women! In a previous post I've raved about how SHOP.COM gives us busy Moms an opportunity to ease the stress of holiday shopping with tools to help us figure out what to buy, find recommendations, and pinpoint which stores have the best price. My pick was the Disney princess pix micro digital camera for my little princess, of which I found quite a collection from Shop.com. The prices range from close to $19 all the way to $60, from retailers like Amazon, eBay and more.

Shop.com does the work and gets me the prices from all over the web. I just have to sit at home and make my pick. The best part is the "Price Drop Alert" feature - all I have to do is enter a price that fits my wallet and my email information. An email will automatically be sent to me if the price of the item becomes less than or equal to the price I've specified - simple! I plan to visit them often this Holiday season.

Visit Shop.com and tell me what are your thoughts.

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