Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

by - 11/03/2009

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water discussed at A Bookworm Mom's Diary

In the age of convenience, bottled water has become a very popular drink, fitting in well with many new, modern lifestyles, providing portability and easy access to purified and sanitized drinking water.  The debate between whether or not bottled water or tap water is better to drink has recently become a hot topic for discussion. Practitioner, Dr. Raymond Hatland, DDS shares his expert advice on the bottled vs. tap water debate, stating:
“Fluoride in water is both positive and negative, depending on who is drinking it.  There is concern that the fluoride in tap water reacts with trace chemicals in tap water making them more carcinogenic.  In my opinion, fluoride is best applied topically by your dentist or hygienist for the most effective protection of your teeth with minimal systemic side effects.”

Dr. Hatland breaks down the pros and cons of each type of water:

Bottled Water
  • Safe from bacteria
  • Can be free of fluoride
  • Portable
  • Can have an alkaline pH
  • Expensive
  • Usually has a very acidic pH
  • No fluoride
  • Few nutritional minerals
  • May contain unacceptable levels of the plastic chemicals (bisphosphonates)

Tap Water
  • Cheap
  • Basically safe
  • Easily available
  • Contains fluoride which can help prevent tooth decay
  • Neutral or slightly alkaline pH
  • Usually contains some good minerals
  • Can be polluted with many industrial chemicals not totally removed by water purification systems
  • Potentially contain excessive amounts of iron, sulfur or fluoride
  • May draw lead or copper from pipes
  • Can be contaminated with bacteria and waste products from occasional flooding

I prefer tap water, usually filtered, as I believe in developing a certain amount of resistance to bacteria and other stuff from daily use. I fill them up in reusable and eco-friendly stainless steel bottles and take them with me wherever I go. Easy, cheap and simple.

What's your choice?

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