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by - 11/18/2009

Want to feel good about yourself this Holiday season? Then you've got to visit The Happy Company (the name speaks for itself!). Check out their Mission statement :

Our mission is to create unique, high-quality, affordable, products that bring you a sense of wellbeing and provide stress-relieving solutions for the pressures of today’s fast paced world. We want our customers to feel good about themselves and project vitality in our communities, creating a happier world.
Soothing Cozy Slippers from The Happy Company - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryWell, their soothing Cozy Slippers certainly made me happy! Running around two active kids all day along with the never ending chores leaves me with very tired feet towards the end of the day. And in winter, I also have to endure ever-frozen toes on top of that. These slippers certainly took care of that problem with their reinforced plush soles and flax seed filled inserts that soothe tired feet with long lasting heat therapy. They even have removable scent sachets infused with lavender and ginger to deepen the relaxation experience with aromatherapy! I can warm them up in the microwave for chilly toes in winter and put them in the freezer to cool them down in summer!

Product Features:
  • Cotton ties at ankles
  • Soft Jersey Knit lining
  • Plush Chenille uppers
  • Grip dot fabric soles
  • Machine washable covers
  • Heat quickly in the microwave
  • Chill easily in the freezer
  • One size fits most (most comfortable for women sizes 6-10)
  • Slippers weigh approximately 4 ounces each
  • Available in Cranberry, Earth, and Sage colors.
Benji Warming Belly Blanket from Happy Company - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryAmong other great products like Lumbar WrapDream Mask, Moisturizing Slippers, Warming Scarf, Happy Massager, etc there's yet another one I want to tell you about. And that's the Benji Warming Belly Blanket.

As Moms, we know that placing babies on their bellies on a heating pad helps relieve gas pains and bloating. The Happy Company went a step further and developed a fun, soft way to turn the floor or Mom's lap into a belly soothing experience for baby. Just heat the grain filled warming mat in the microwave and soothe baby’s developing digestive system with natural heat therapy. They've even added natural lavender herbs to help baby relax with aromatherapy.

It's a great way to soothe a fussy baby and a wonderful natural alternative to a traditional electric heating pad which I never like to use as my kids always end up playing with the cord!

Product Features:
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Features aromatherapeutic lavender herbs
  • Heats quickly in the microwave
Like with anything heated in the microwave, careful and proper handling is a must.

To check out more of their wonderful products, visit From personal experience I can tell you that their products certainly make for happy customers and I'd definitely encourage you to consider them this Holiday season!

Disclosure - This product was received for review consideration.
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  1. Those Cozy Slippers look like they would make anyone happy at the end of a long day! So comfortable and comforting!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. The bear belly warmer is SO adorable!!


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