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by - 12/15/2009

Holidays mean gifts and gifts for kids automatically mean Toys. If you're tired of giving or getting buzzing, beeping, honking, racing, flashing, battery-operated toys time and again, then it's time to check out Palumba Toys.

About Palumba :

Palumba sells natural, award-winning USA made wooden toys and Fair Trade Waldorf dolls, non-toxic art supplies from Stockmar, playsilks, and many other products designed to foster creative play and imaginative play in children. Our selection of safe and natural toys includes many items exclusive to Palumba. We believe in fair, competitive pricing and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We are PALUMBA: A Magical Children's World Dedicated to the "WHOLE" child.
Palumba Toys - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryThe Hardwood Stacker - Circles I got to check out is ideal for a growing baby whose curiosity always begins with the mouth. It's sanded satin smooth and a light beeswax and Original beeswax finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood. And, I don't need to panic when my baby puts it in her mouth, sucks it or chews it thoughtfully with her toothless-gums. Moreover, this Maple and Walnut Stacking Set promotes imagination while building fine motor skills for both infants and toddlers. The blocks can be arranged in any configuration on the column which allows children to develop creativity and pattern recognition. These stackers are also available in square and triangle shapes.

Palumba Toys - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryThe Slow Race: Book & Puzzle set is simple, yet extremely clever and loads of fun for all! The story was designed to introduce some of the ways in which three simple shapes can be organized to form a wide variety of people, animals and objects. This is not only fun, but also deeply educational, as it increases the capacity for both creativity and geometric thinking. While reading the story, children and adults alike arrange and fit the blocks in the shapes pictured. After reading the story a new story of ones own can be made by tracing new shapes on paper and creating ones own book. From flowers to animals to the moon, the creation of objects is limited only by the imagination. Not to mention, it's a great way for the family to spend time together, flexing their mental muscles without the aid of any electronics.

These are just some of the many thoughtful and thought-provoking toys and items available at Palumba  including, but not limited to, clothes, books, toys, music, arts & crafts etc. I also loved their video section where you can actually see how and where the toys are made, how to care for wooden toys and more. And great deals are to be found in their Sale section.

To sum up, here are the reasons why I love them (besides the main reason, the battery-less toys!)
  • Handmade children's items created from ALL-NATURAL materials.
  • Over 80% of their toys are made in the USA.
  • The others are crafted in Fair Trade Cooperatives. 
  • ALL of their toys are made without any toxins or unsafe parts. 
  • They are all of heirloom quality and crafted with "green" technology, care and integrity.
  • The items they offer enable children to use their imagination and take flight.
Check out more of their wonderful items at

Disclosure - This product was received for review/feature consideration.
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  1. I've been a believer in natural, open-ended toys ever since my kids were born. These choices from Palumba are exquisite. Thanks for featuring them.


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