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by - 12/16/2009

SoftPlay Books - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryFrom personal experience I've seen that it's never too early to start teaching a kid. With that philosophy, I bought my son his first SoftPlay book when he was around 6 months of age and he just loved it. Unfortunately we lost it while traveling. But since that time, I've become a firm fan of SoftPlay's ever-growing line of award-winning books and interactive products.

SoftPlay is the leading producer of early language development interactive cloth books and felt playsets for infants and toddlers. Each product SoftPlay offers is designed to emphasize classic play patterns and early language development. By keeping these important focuses at the core of everything they do, SoftPlay helps children ages birth to age five learn, explore and discover as they play. SoftPlay works in partnership with noted child development expert, Dr. Carol Andrew whose research on child development provides a valuable foundation for her work with SoftPlay and she uses SoftPlay products with her patients.

At SoftPlay, we believe that learning can be fun.
SoftPlay Books - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryMy son is currently in his rebellious phase and tantrums and time-outs are becoming a regular feature. Not to surprisingly, this has sparked an interest in him trying to tell time on his own by looking at the clock (all so he can figure out when his time out period is up and he can get back to his mischief - I know, I can tell!). But spotting the sliver lining, and an opportunity to teach him something new, I introduced him to SoftPlay'sWhat Time Is It? book. 

SoftPlay Books - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryThe big book has a brightly colored play clock in the center (two moveable hands and all) and pages which below in which a child is taught everything from minutes, the movements of the hands, what it means as the clock moves from one number to another and more. There are also multiple time disks provided in which a clock is shown pointing to all the different times. To make it interactive, questions are posed to the young reader in subsequent pages and to answer them, a child to locate the correct disk and place it in the empty clock face.

My son is a little young to learn all this, so for now I'm just using this book to teach him the hours using the moveable hands which are quite fun! When he's a little older (this book is meant for ages 3+), I plan to use it to teach him hours, minutes, seconds and all the rest it.

To check out more of their great range of products, visit www.softplayforkids.com. SoftPlay products can be found at a variety of mass market and specialty retailers or ordered direct via their website. New titles and formats are created each year, complementing an active backlist of evergreen titles.

Disclosure - This product was received for review/feature consideration.
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