Giggle Jiggle Funbook : Funny Pup - From SoftPlay

by - 1/11/2010

SoftPlay Books - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryI love SoftPlay books and products for not just their educational value, but the wonderful way they provoke a child's imagination and curiosity and help them play and learn in the process. One such is their Giggle Jiggle Funbooks series.

SoftPlay Books - Featured at A Bookworm Mom's DiaryFunny Pup, the one we received to try out packaged in a reusable carrying case, is a plush book and a cuddly friend that wiggles, giggles and barks! Kids can learn about daily routines with Funny Pup as he plays, bathes, eats a snack and snuggles down to bed. And the best thing is, long-lasting batteries are included! It teaches little ones about the responsibilities of a caring for a pet and in my opinion, is a good alternative to buy for those kids who're asking Santa to bring them a puppy! It's certainly the kind of pet both my kids and I can be at peace with.

It's a cloth book meant for ages 6 months and up. And as babies do, mine chewed and drooled all over it. Good thing is, it's surface is washable, so I just hand rinsed it all off.

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Disclosure - This product was received for review/feature consideration.
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