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by - 2/18/2010

I loved being pregnant, nausea, pregnancy brain, fatigue and all. But the one thing I did not love was the heartburn that plagued me during the final trimester. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't sit, I couldn't do anything with that constant burning in my esophagus. Even today when heartburn strikes (I am fond of spicy food!) the only thing that gives me relief is Prilosec OTC. It works for 24 hours with one pill a day to target the acid that causes heartburn by directly shutting down many active acid pumps.

I recently discovered Prilosec OTC has dreamed up the "Official Sponsor of Everything You Do Without Heartburn" program.

What it's all about :  Whether it's visiting Yellowstone or seeing the Mona Lisa, going white water rafting or riding in a hot air balloon, there's something inside each of us that we keep hidden away. Because we don't have time for it or the resources. Whatever the reason, that burning desire most often never gets to see the light of day. One of my secret desire is to visit Egypt one day and see the Pyramids with my own eyes. They've survived so much for so long. But with kids and mortgage and school fees, it doesn't look like I can ever go. Will I get to see them before it's too late, I always wonder?

And now, thanks to Prilosec OTC, perhaps I can!

How it's going to happen : They're going to help 100 people realize their passions by providing sponsorships with an average value of  $1,000 and a maximum of $4,000. What most moves you and will enable you to take your hobby or passion to the next level? From a commercial oven to turn your baking into a business, to plane tickets and trip coverage to take pottery classes in Italy or to hike the Grand Canyon -- the application criteria are simple: "Tell us who you are, what you love to do, and what you need to do it better. We also want to know, if sponsored, who you would tell about it.

Among the fifteen categories: food and cuisine, arts and crafts, family, home and garden, entertainment and leisure, health and fitness, travel, sports, and professional pursuits. So much to choose from!

For the first judging round, the application deadline is February 22. So hurry up! And don't forget - once you've applied, get people to vote for you! Votes are an important criteria for landing sponsorship. For more information, visit

Disclosure - I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Prilosec OTC. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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