Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags - Review

by - 2/22/2010

Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags - Reviewed at A Bookworm Mom's Diary Blog

There are diaper bags and diaper bags. Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags, however, are in a category of their own!

These great functional bags are the brain child of Mrs. Rachael Smith, a mom of 2 herself. After an accident with bottle leaking on clothes and never being able to find something in her old diaper bag, she sat down and sketched a bag that would make life easier for busy Moms - especially a Mom who is on the go and wants a bag that works with her lifestyle.

I had a chance to try out one of their versatile bags myself and trust me when I say, it's got room for most everything I could think of to stuff in it. And I can think of quite a lot. I'm one of those people who believe in being prepared for everything, especially where my kids are concerned. Which means I cart around a lot of stuff in a diaper bag apart from the usual, like bibs, diaper rash cream, cookies, some books, crayons, a toy or two, rattles, etc. And more often than not, my diaper bag also acts as my purse, which means a ton of other paraphernalia also gets thrown in. Most diaper bags don't hold it all and I'm left to carry another bag (for which I do not have spare arms) or leave some essential stuff behind. Not so with Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags. Granted they didn't carry all that I'd have liked to (nothing short of a suitcase will hold all I carry, it seems), but it still took in a lot!
Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags - Reviewed at A Bookworm Mom's Diary Blog
In the Mrs Smith’s Diaper bag I can fit:
  • Two bottles and one sippy cup in their own insulated holders
  • Jars of baby food
  • Two pacifiers
  • Lots of snacks and toys
  • Four to five sets of clothing
  • Wipes in a their own wipes container
  • Six diapers
  • A washable, full-sized changing pad (is included)
  • And dedicated places for your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, credit cards, cash, ID and water bottle
The best part is that I can easily convert it from a messenger bag into a backpack for those times when I'm carrying a kid in each arm or laden down with groceries.

These bags are designed with style and flare, and help keep a busy mom be organized while looking chic. They're available in fun florals, metallics, camo and zebra prints.

For more information, visit their website at :

Disclosure - This product was received for review/feature consideration.
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  1. My diaper bag days are over, but these bags look great and very tempting.


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