Calorie Count

by - 6/19/2010

Losing weight has never been in vogue more than now. I recently read somewhere that of all the fads to take society by storm, slimming down has lasted the longest and continues to dominate.

Here's some interesting info about an interesting website that helps you do just that - Count Calories.

Note - the information below has been taken verbatim from the press release
With such busy schedules, getting in shape or losing weight can seem like a daunting task. But all you need is the right tool to get you started and keep you motivated – and that is!

Calorie Count offers free, weight management tools, social support and nutritional information to help users achieve their personal diet goals. Also, they just introduced a Calorie Count App for iPhones to help users stay on track wherever they are!

These healthy tools can help you feel beautiful and confident throughout the year!

NOTE - This post is not an endorsement of this site. Like with everything else, it's up to the reader's discretion what they do with the information they read about here. No liability is attached to this blog or its writer for or about anything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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