Hot in Cleaveland

by - 7/05/2010

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It's being continually proclaimed as the best new series this season and I guess, you could call it that - that is if you find something mildly entertaining to be "spectacular".

Hot in Cleaveland is TVLand's debut effort into the world of original comedy and I have to wonder, has all the talent in Hollywood gone to greener pastures or gotten laid off? I remember I sat down to watch the first episode with high expectations and came with "that's supposed to be funny?".

This sitcom has some terrific actors in the lead roles but the writing falls far short of the mark. I loved Wendie Malick as self-absorbed Nina in 'Just Shoot Me' and Jane Leeves was outstanding as Daphne in 'Frasier' (not to mention her entertaining guest role as an out-of-touch-with-reality psychiatrist in an 'Desperate Housewives' episode). I've loved Betty White as ditzy Rose on 'Golden Girls' and recently as a repeat guest role in my one of my all time favorites, 'Boston Legal'. Valerie Bertinelli, I know nothing of except from her entertaining Jenny Craig commercials. And I observed her the most (since she's new to me) and I felt she's the weak link as far as acting goes. Her acting comes across as that - acting. The others feel more natural.

Their combined acting is good, but for a series that's all about comedy, it falls short on the sharp dialogue,  clever witticisms, general entertaining banter between the characters and even in the situations the ladies find themselves in when forced to cohabit in a world far from their norm. 

The fact that I tune into it every week only shows how lacking the rest of the TV programs are at that hour and day. What say you?
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  1. I sort of like it it is a bit slow...the actresses in it are great but hard to grasp that the three of them could ever have anything in common

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  3. bloomerbear - yeah, makes you wonder how they came to be friends with such diverse natures.


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