Paper Mate's Plant-A-Pen Challenge

by - 8/18/2010

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBack to school season is almost upon us and its time to stock up on those school supplies. And there's now a simpler and *greener* way to do this just by choosing from Paper Mate's new line of eco-friendly writing utensils, which include biodegradable pens and mechanical pencils.

To encourage families to choose the greener alternative as well as help teach how it works with a simple backyard science experiment, Paper Mate has come up with a "Plant-A-Pen Challenge". Here's how it works :

  1. Plant the biodegradable components of the Paper Mate pen in your backyard and mark the spot with a garden marker or popsicle stick.
  2. Check up on it throughout the year and watch as the Paper Mate pen breaks down over time and the components biodegrade back into the soil.
The Paper Mate Biodegradable pen comes in black, blue, red or purple ink.

Paper Mate® Biodegradable* products have been tested according to internationally recognized standards ISO 17556 and ISO 20200. Tests confirmed that, under normal temperature conditions found in soil/home compost, the product’s biodegradable components biograde in about a year. Unfortunately, some parts, such as the grip and refill, are not yet biodegradable. These parts should be properly disposed in the trash. Each packaging has the detailed disassembly instructions.

My kid always has fun digging and playing in the soil and so it was in this case as well. 

They're not yet old enough to understand about bio-degradibility and eco-friendly products. I explained the product would disappear by God's *green* magic in about a year's time and that on their next birthday we'd dig up and see that it had become part of the soil. That has them fascinated and has added one more reason for them to look forward to their birthdays, lol.

Have you talked to your kids about making the earth greener? I'd love hear about your experience!

Disclosure - I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Paper Mate and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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