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by - 9/15/2010

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$5 a Day is one of those little gems of film that is easy to pass over, but my recommendation would be to watch it.

I went into it without high expectations and came away pleasantly surprised. Basically its a two-man movie - the aging thespian Christopher Walken, who plays a veteran con artist, and young and talented Alessandro Nivola, who plays his beleaguered son. Together they form an unlikely duo on screen, but somehow the chemistry and the timing and the overall story works out.

This is a road movie, as in the con artist father declares himself to be dying and guilts his estranged son into taking him via car (as planes apparently affect his brain tumor, or so he claims) to New Mexico for some holistic treatment. The comedy is subtle, as is the way the things are resolved between father and son over the course of the journey in which Walken does his best not to spend a dime unnecessarily, even if it means breaking into empty homes to sleep the nights in and other such entertaining shenanigans. It's a series of embarassment and tension for Nivola who's sick of taking care of his father all his life, even to the extent of going to jail for his father's crimes. What he doesn't realize that this journey is his father's way of making up for everything that's gone bad. The overall effect is sort of mild whether its the comedy of Walken's countless cons or the drama between father and son or the way Nivola woos back his love, played by Amanda Peet in a disappointingly very short role, through truthful confessions via phone.

My husband, who's a Sharon Stone fan, was equally disappointed to find she plays a small role in the whole film even though her picture on the DVD cover makes it seem otherwise. That and the weird captioning format are the only two downsides to an otherwise good movie.

And I especially want to mention the locales the movie takes the viewers through is just stunningly photographed.

Bonus features on $5 A Day DVD and Blu-ray include:
  • Director and Cast Interviews
  • Still Galleries
  • Trailer
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