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by - 9/01/2010

Since I cover various parenting topics, I was recently contacted about "TenMarks", a new online service for kids to practice and master math concepts online. It sounds like a great site, helping both kids to learn and their parents to re-learn Math concepts. I haven't had a chance to this out personally, but here's the info in case you want to :
TenMarks was launched earlier this year, and has been getting great reviews from parents who’ve been using TenMarks as a way to provide some needed help or to simply provide some extra practice to ensure mastery of math concepts and enrichment.

"I do like ten marks and my son likes it too. My son is in fifth grade and had a B last quarter. I think now he will have an A or A-. My goal is that he will be in honor math next year in middle school. He is a smart kid but doesn't like to do homework and one worksheet a day is good for him. He likes to listen to the video lessons."- Parent of a 5th Grader

                "I love TenMarks as a parent. It's been a while since I've had to go over 8th grade concepts, and helping my daughter with it now really has me struggling. Your videos really help me reinforce                          what I know, and help her practice and learn everyday. Thanks for bringing this program to us."- Parent of a 8th Grader

TenMarks was developed with the help of math curriculum experts, and has been used by thousands of families.  To try it out for yourself, just go to www.tenmarks.com and start a free trial. Programs cover grades 3-10 and are only $10 a month.

The TenMarks unique approach to math works because:

1.       Programs are personalized for each student – based on their skill levels
2.       Topics covered are mapped to state standards, and cover various approaches
3.       Interactive worksheets help student master each topic, guiding them to success
4.       Hints and video lessons help students build confidence and succeed
5.       Students are motivated with success, rewards, and certificates

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